Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK v4.2 Latest Version

Do you play Bus Simulator Indonesia (official version) with ads, limited coins, and fuel? On the other hand, ,Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK (aka BUSSID MOD APK) gives you a smoother ride, with no annoying ads, max fuel, and unlimited coins. Those extra coins allow you to purchase cool stuff in the game.

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Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod APK 4.2 Free Download


Version: 4.2

Size: 490.6MB

Android: 5.1+

Updated on March 2024

This special MOD APK version gives you the best experience of the game without interruptions from irritating ads. Now is the time to say hello to endless coins for the purchase of advanced stuff without giving it a second thought. Additionally, you don’t need to stress out thinking about limited fuel because now you have max fuel.

Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod APK has 3D effects with much more realistic graphics and driving experience, which makes you feel closer to reality. Additionally, gyro control is another plus of the game and the cause of its reputation among the gaming community.

  1. Best simple control: It’s quite easy to handle and understand the controls of the game, controls are fairly sensitive on the touch screen, but otherwise, you can easily handle your vehicle, and it is fun to play this game.
  2. Superb Graphics: The game provides high-quality and appealing graphics, that are pleasing to the eyes, which enhances the overall gaming experience with detailed and realistic graphics.
  3. Free Game: The game is available for download, and you can play it without any cost. It also allows users to play without any subscription.
  4. Optimized Game: The game has the fewest technical issues and glitches, additionally, you can efficiently run it on various devices
  5. No Obstructions: While driving: The game provides a smooth and realistic driving experience, you will face no obstacles while playing the game.
  6. Unlimited Money: BUSSID APK 4.1.2 offers unlimited game money, which enables you to make purchases and upgrade game resources.
  7. Online Multiplayer mode enabled: You can compete with players online by choosing multiplayer mode 
  8. Fun honk Sounds: Like real life, you can also enjoy with cool and fun horn sounds, which definitely adds more fun and enjoyment in the game
  9. Om Telolet Om!: In Indonesia, there is a famous saying “om telote om,” which means “Uncle, honk your horn, uncle!”. You can have fun with your passengers by using this feature.
  10. Different brands and types of buses: BUSSID APK includes several brands and types of buses to make it more appealing and closer to reality. 
  11. Indonesian Buses: The game specifically includes buses from the Indonesian transportation system.
  12. Customization of buses: Customization of buses is another cool feature of the game, in which you can personalize your vehicle according to your taste.
  13. Different Cars: Not just buses, the game also includes different car models, which double the entertainment as well as the visual effects.
  14. Variety of Trucks: The game includes different types of trucks to enhance the range of vehicle selection and challenges for players.
  15. Different Bikes: Motor bikes are also available to offer diversity in the mode of transportation.
  16. Dolby Standard Sound: The game sound quality is no less than the Dolby Atmos quality, which adds more fun to the game.
  17. Bus Skins and liveries: You can customize the appearance of your bus through applying custom Bus Simulator Indonesia liveries.

Here are some extra premium features that you can avail of in the mod APK version of the game.

No Advertisement

Bus Simulator Indonesia mod APK does not display ads during playing time and offers an uninterrupted gaming experience.

All Buses Unlocked

All available buses in the official version of the game are unlocked right from the start in the Mod APK version, so you can access all the vehicles immediately.

Unlimited Coins

In Bus Simulator Indonesia mod APK version, there is unlimited in-game currency, or coins, which ensures players can freely buy premium items and upgrades.

Max Feul

BUSSID MOD APK offers never-ending fuel, so you don’t have to stop at a filling station to refill fuel and spend any money on it.

BUSSID Trailer

You have 4 different angles available in the Bus Simulator Indonesia. 

First-person angle:

This will give the front view from the vehicle 

First Person angle

Wide angle: 

This will give a full display of the vehicle.

wide angle

Top angle: 

The top angle will show you the bus from the top side.

Top angle

Left angle:

This will give you an overview of the bus from the left side.

left angle

Struggling to download the Bus Simulator Indonesia mod on an Android device? Here is a detailed step-by-step download and installation guide.

  • Go to the website URL
  • On this page, find the button named Download.
  • Press the download button to download the 4.2 version of the game.
  • File might be harmful notification might appear on your screen
  • Press the Continue Anyway button.
  • You can check the download progress on the download bar, which appeared after pressing the continue anyway button.
  • If the download has not started, refresh the page.
  • After the file is downloaded, run the APK file for installation.
  • In case the notification appears (for security reasons, your phone cannot install unknown apps from this source),.
  • Press the setting button and tap Allow from this source.
  • Press the back button.
  • A notification will appear saying, “Do you want to install this application?”
  • Click yes and wait until the APK is installed.
  • Tap Open Now and enjoy full-feature BUSSID freely.

BUSSID mod APK offers four game modes for the players. You can select any mode according to your needs and interests. These modes make the game more interesting and captivating.

Free: One can also pronounce it as practice mode because you select your vehicle and go around worrying about the task of picking up or dropping off passengers. You can simply understand control and get a good grip on the game through practice. 

Tourism mode: You will be provided with predefined tour modes in the game, which you must follow and complete to fulfill the task of the game. You can’t devise your own route.

Career Mode: In this mode, you can select your route, but by selecting it, you will be assigned tasks like picking up and dropping off passengers. This will show your performance and enhance your career in the game.

Multiplayer: Like many other games nowadays, you can play it online with different players around the world. In this mode, Good will win the game and earn more rewards. It also makes your profile visible on the leaderboard online.


  • Multiplayer supported with leaderboard facility
  • Customization of buses and maps are allowed
  • Real-like locations of Indonesian cities and landscapes 
  • Experience bus driving skills on screen
  • You can play BUSSID on PC


  • Location and map-wise target only one country
  • More Device resources needed to play this game
  • Focus on simulated game lovers only
  • Its not easy to play

We always update the version of BUSSID Mod APK as soon as it arrives. But we also provide our user with old versions as well.

VersionsRelease DateKey Features and Updates
4.2March 15, 2024Customizable cabin camera, Include new cities in Java
4.1.2February 2, 2024Minor bug fixes and performance improvements
4.1.1January 10, 2024Enhanced graphics, additional bus models, license plates
4.1December 30, 2023Introduction of multiplayer mode, new cities, road props
4.0.4November 30, 2023New customization options for buses, Front glass, vehicle info
4.0.3October 26, 2023Expanded route options, solve black screen issue, fix bugs
4.0.2October 23, 2023Improved graphic quality, repairing system, washing system
4.0.1October 21, 2023Introduction of new Indonesian cities, fix bugs
4.0October 19, 2023Major overhaul of game engine, improved environmental details

If you want to master the Bus Simulator Indonesia playing then try these tips and strategies and you will feel the difference in your game. 

Get Comfortable with Controls: Practice game control for better understanding and smooth driving, use acceleration wisely and avoid applying brakes suddenly. Passengers will get comfortable with your smooth driving and you will earn more. 

Choose Your Transmission: Decide which transmission will work for you, manual or automatic, it’s based on your comfort level and your real life driving experience. Additionally, it also depends on the control devices you have. Either you are using joysticks or playing it on the mobile. 

Follow Traffic Signals: Like we do follow traffic lights and signs in real life to avoid accidents and traffic penalties, same is the case in the bussid. Players should obey the traffic rules. 

Speed Limits: Follow speed limits to ensure a safe and smooth ride. Too much can result in accidents and damage to your bus and you will lose your in-game resources for repairing.

Wise Route Selection: As a beginner start with routes that match your skill level. In start you should go to simpler routes and gradually progress to more challenging ones.

Time Management: Manage your time according to the time of day and traffic condition because some routes may have low rush during the peak hours.

Smooth Driving: Maintain a smooth driving style for passenger comfort. Don’t turn the bus abruptly, avoid sudden braking, and be polite on acceleration​.

Passenger Interaction: As a bus driver your first priority must be passengers and their satisfaction so be careful about the pick-up and drop-off points. This will add in the passenger comfort. 

Regular Checks: For efficient bus driving your vehicle must remain in good condition, so keep an eye on your bus condition to prevent breakdowns, repair your bus minor issues to avoid big ones.

Fuel Management: You need to maintain your fuel level for better service because if your bus fuels run out during service it will create a bad impact on your ratings and earnings.

Training Mode: You can learn driving in the training mode of the game. Use the training mode to drive without taking pressure of the time limits.

Learn from Mistakes: Either you are driving in the real vehicle or in the simulation environment you should keep an eye on your mistakes while driving. Because making mistakes gives you experience to handle the situation.

Rather, it’s a third-party app, but we have tested it and ensured that it’s safe to install and play. You don’t need to worry about your safety or data theft.

The OBB file is a modified expansion for the apps that were originally available on the Play Store. But in this case, there is no need to have an OBB file; you can install it with any additional file.

Yes, anyone can play it offline in single-player mode. You need the internet in multiplayer mode because, in multiplayer mode, players come from different locations.

Yes, simply uninstall the old version and install the new version. There might be some errors If you overwrite the old installation, make sure you uninstall the old one.

Yes, both the official and modified versions are free to play, but the main difference between them is that in the official version, you need to earn resources, while in the MOD APK, everything is free.