Bus Simulator 21 vs BUSSID | Comparison

bus simulator 21 vs bus simulator indonesia 4.2
ParticularsBus Simulator 21BUSSID 4.2
Series InstallmentSixthv4.2
Reveal Date11 August 2020N/A
Initial Release Date7 September 20212017
Platforms (Initial)Windows, PS4, Xbox OneAndroid, iOS
Platforms (Later)PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/SAndroid, iOS
Later Release Date23 May 2023March 2024
Bus Simulator 21 vs BUSSID

As a bus simulation games lover I usually explore different options in this category to satisfy my urge. After playing them thoroughly I will write reviews for the gaming community so today i am here with two great simulation games comparison which are Bus Simulator 21 and Bus Simulation Indonesia 4.2. Both games really pushed me to write this article because of their features and gameplay elements. This article reveals the similarities and differences between these two most popular games of their genre.

Overview and Development

Bus Simulator 21 is the sixth installment in the well-established Bus Simulator series. It was revealed on August 11, 2020, and released on September 7, 2021, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Enhanced versions for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S followed on May 23, 2023. Developed by Stillalive Studios and published by Astragon Entertainment, Bus Simulator 21 aims to provide a highly realistic bus driving experience with a variety of bus models and detailed urban environments.

Bus Simulator Indonesia 4.2 (often abbreviated as “Bus Sim Ind 4.2”) was initially released in 2017 and has seen several updates, with version 4.2 being released in 2020. Developed by Maleo, this game is available on Android and iOS platforms. Bus Simulator Indonesia stands out with its localized experience, offering players the opportunity to drive buses through Indonesian cities and countryside, complete with authentic cultural references and settings.

Gameplay and Features

Bus Simulator 21 is based on american fiction maps Angel Shores also employed European Inspired Seaside valley maps which are engaging and fun. The buses used in BS 21 are from renowned brands Mercedes-Benz, Alexander Dennis, Grande West, Blue Bird, BYD, Iveco Bus, MAN, Scania, Setra, and Volvo. You can go to in-game bus dealers to buy and sell buses. You can also play multiplayer modes in which you are allowed to cooperate with each other in managing bus networks. 

Bus Simulator Indonesia 4.2 is the latest version which was released in March 2024, this game is based on Indonesian cities, landscapes and culture. All the maps in the game are the real maps from Indonesian cities which adds much reality and fun in the game. Bus Simulator Indonesia allows players to change the buses whatever brand or make they want to by using liveries even players can create liveries by themselves for bus designs, additionally horn of buses also changeable. It’s not provide more detail in bus management but the overall game is more realistic than Bus Simulator 21.

Graphics and Performance

In graphics, Bus Simulator 21 has more advanced techniques because of its playing environments which are modern gaming consoles and high end PCs. This makes the game’s environment more dynamic in terms of bus models, surroundings and weather conditions. The new versions developed for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series offer enhanced graphics as well as performance. 

Bus Simulator Indonesia 4.2 is mainly designed for the mobile platforms like Android and IOS which limits its graphics in the first place when you compare it with Bus Simulator 21. However, it still has very good graphics, even an average player can’t draw the difference between both games’ visuals. It provides great details of buses, awesome landscapes and cultural elements of the indonesia. Additionally you can also play it on your PC using emulators. 

Target Audience and Accessibility

Bus Simulator 21 targets players who want a simulation game which has depth and gives the opportunity to manage a bus company. It’s realistic in terms of running and managing a bus organization. 

On other hand, Bus Simulator Indonesia is aimed at gamers of all ages and also who want to discover Indonesian culture and natural beauty. Also mobile platforms cover a wider community as the game has been downloaded more than 100 millions times around the globe. 

Conclusion (Bus Simulator 21 vs BUSSID)

Both Bus Simulator 21 and Bus Simulator Indonesia 4.2 has different features and driving experiences, each have different strengths, as Buss Simulator 21 is more detailed in management features and for those who want to it as bus company owner, on other hand Bus Simulator Indonesia offers culture, realistic maps and ease of playing game on mobile and extensive customizations. 

Ultimately, the choice between these two games depends on the player’s preferences and platform. Whether you are a hardcore simulation enthusiast or a casual mobile gamer, both titles deliver a compelling and engaging bus driving experience.

Finally, it is the players choice, which game they prefer according to their need of platform and style of game they like, if you are a hardcore gamer you may choose Bus Simulator 21. On the contrary you can be a mobile gamer so you will choose Bus Simulator Indonesia. 

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