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Are you tired of playing BUSSID with your current vehicles and want some innovation in it, look no further. I am introducing you to the most amazing vehicle modification which is called BUSSID HIACE MOD. Just try it out and make your game more fun, i think more people can relate with this because HiAce is used as public transport in most of the countries. Download the BUSSID HiAce mod and make your gaming experience more fun.

What is  BUSSID HiAce Mod:

In this mod you can have a Toyota Hiace van which is an iconic vehicle of Toyota company and used as a means of transport in several parts of the world. We are giving you the opportunity to step in the driver’s shoes and experience what it’s like to drive the Hiace. No doubt this mod adds a lot of charm to the game. You must try this once and the driving experience of HiAce on the roads of Indonesia.

Special Regards to BUSSID Mods Modeling Community

I want to pay regards to the modeling community who plays the most important role to make this happen. Mods like Hiace addon provide gaming experience far beyond the default game environment. You will enjoy more if you can relate your game with your local environment and these mods let you get close to your local environment.

How to Get the HiAce Mod

For players who are interested in adding Hiace mod we have provided a download button for you above. If you want more mods like this you can contact us or leave a comment on this article. We only cherry pick the best trending mods for our page. We are connected with reputable communities and forums which provide and develop these mods of vehicle, maps and locations.

Benefits of Using Mods

These mods are not just for customization but a means of creativity among players where you can innovate and participate. You can personalize your vehicles and experiment with different vehicles in BUSSID, additionally small vehicles like Hiace are easy to handle and control in game driving for those who are finding it difficult to play Bus Simulator Indonesia.


The BUSSID Hiace mod is a fantastic addon for the player who wants to enhance their gaming experience and control, moreover you can relate it with your personal environment. You can regain your interest in the game through these mods and maps. You can have a more famous vehicle in your game if you want to. Just let us know and we will provide it for you. Tell us in comment what cars and vehicles you are using so we can arrange the mods.

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