Bus Simulator Indonesia aka BUSSID India Map Download 2024

Bus Simulator Indonesia (BUSSID) offers mainly driving experience by using Indonesian maps to look at real and  stimulating environments. But due to heavy Indian demand for the game, developers also developed the BUSSID India Map mod to enhance this experience with features specific to India.

Create more fun in your BUSSID gaming experience with the Indian Map, which brings the Indian road, landscape, building and culture in the game for Indian people and the gamers who love India, I am providing you with guide which instruct about all the step necessary for the installation of the map in Bus Simulator Indonesia.

How to Download and Install India Map

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Compatibility Check: First you need to ensure that your BUSSID version is compatible with the Indian Map.
  2. Download Latest Version: If you download the latest version of BUSSID Mod APK and keep it updated you will have optimal performance.
  3. Download Map:
    • Find and tap the “India Map” button above to start downloading.
    • The file will be in .zip or .rar format.
  4. Extract File: Unzip the downloaded file through extractor.
  5. Copy to BUSSID Folder:
    • Place the extracted folder in BUSSID’s “Map” directory.
  6. Launch BUSSID:
    • Start the game and navigate to the Garage menu.
    • Select the map folder from your device’s storage and follow on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  7. Enjoy: Choose routes of your choice i.e. the Taj Mahal and Golden Temple.

Features of the BUSSID India Map

1. Diversity of  Landscapes

  • Explore India’s original geography, from the beautiful Himalayas to amazing coastal regions.
  • Drive your bus through rivers, bridges, urban areas, countrysides, mountains and rich historical places, for example Taj Mahal, the symbol of love.

2. Landmarks

You will feel like, you not just driving bus but touring the famous landmarks of India like Mumbai Harbor, Golden Temple and Qutab Minaar

3. Cultural Elements

  • You experience the traffic with Indian cultural design vehicles over the road around your bus. 
  • Indian is a country fully rich with culture, which you will feel while playing the game and it will create a very dramatic effect on you. 

4. Weather Conditions

Among many other things, the weather of India will surprise you with sudden changes like the rains of monsoon and cold of the simla.

5. Local Language and Signs

Map also includes local signs and hindi language on the road site billboards and traffic indications.

Geographical Co-ordinates

Map is so realistic that it is designed according to the real cities map and geographical coordinates. 

Indian Traffic Conditions

Maps also design the Indian real traffic like rushy roads and Indian traditional honks and voices and many more.

Game Challenges 

Game missions and challengers are redesigned according to the Indian settings and culture. You will feel a great difference in Indonesian and Indian maps and gameplay.


The Indian Map for BUSSID is a valuable addition for those gamers want a culture rich environment of the game or Indian natural beauty lovers. 

Downloading the India Map for Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk is a significant enhancement in the gameplay with familiar locations for Indians. Also on the map, the game is a bit difficult in terms of completing missions under these traffic rules and rush conditions. You will experience a complete new element in the gameplay and weather conditions which will intrigue you.

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