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When you talk about bus driving simulators games, two big names come to mind, Bus Simulator Indonesia (BUSSID) and Indian Bus Simulation (IBS). These two simulation games offer players the opportunity to experience the enticing bus driving experience in real maps of respective countries and their cultural aspects. In this article I am going to draw a comparison on both games as I have played both of them.

bussid vs indian bus simulator
BUSSID Vs Indian Bus Simulator

The most important aspect to consider is storage requirements of the games, both present huge differences in storage as BUSSID requires 1.83GBs of storage space and Indian bus simulator is much lighter than at 37.50 MB. despite having a big difference in storage space these games are still comparable and in few features Indian bus simulator is more realistic than BUSSID.

Features of BUSSID Vs Indian Bus Simulator

Here is the features and points describe between BUSSID vs Indian Bus Simulator


BUSSID has vibrant and detailed graphics, specially game realistic  Indonesian landscapes, cities and bus models. Additionally, the quality of graphics is high and in great detail which adds up in the gaming experience.

Indian bus simulator offers Indian locations, cities and bus skins, no doubt graphic quality is still exceptional irrespective of the fact of low game size. Realism is better than BUSSID but the depth of graphics is obviously low.


BUSSID provides accurate bus interiors like if you turn on the first angle mode you see detail elements like steering, speedometer and rear view mirrors with acceptable view. In the left mode you can clearly see the seats of the bus.

It also offers good detail of interior graphics like you can clearly view interior parts of the bus but not in that detail which BUSSID offers. Rear view mirrors are just for visual purpose, unable to show rear view.

Game Physics

If you ever play Bus Simulator Indonesia you will know that the game is quite good at implementing physics in simulating bus movements, handling and interaction with the environment which truly enhances driving experience.

Indian Bus Simulator have an edge in this trait, because I feel physics rules are more accurately implemented in it which shows in suspension dynamics and handling of buses that feel near to reality.

Tree and Plant Quality

BUSSID depicts detailed tree and plant graphics specifically from Indonesian landscapes, most of them are flora that enhances the visual quality of the game.

You can say both games are going head to head in this feature because IBS also reflects the diverse plants and trees from the land of India. This feature truly enhances the game experience for gamers.

Passenger Animation

Rather BUSSID has good graphics for passengers but still one can say that it’s a weak area for the game, because passengers are not so interactive in the game.

In this feature game performs better than BUSSID because passengers are more interactive and busy in different activities and you can experience the real bus waiting area.

Shadows of Roadside Objects

Shadows and its animations are near to reality in the BUSSID. The developers deserve full appreciation for this feature.

BSI is a total fail in this feature of the game as shadow changes feel so fake and abrupt. One of the reasons may be the lower size of the game.

Bus Headlights

BUSSID Lights are more like the latest lens technology which emit light in a guided angle and never hurts the eyes.

Indian bus simulator bus lights have great resemblance with the old fashioned vehicle lights which lack precision and emit light everywhere.


Maleo, who developed BUSSID, implemented a great weather feature in the game inspired by Indonesia’s rainy weather and many more.

On other hand indian bus simulator does not have rain feature neither do they include any weather feature in the game.

Bus Terminal

Despite having a big sized game BUSSID doesn’t design the bus terminal as good as the game has other features. This is the weak feature of the game.

Indian bus simulator have marvelous structures of bus terminals which shows their culture also.

Smart Traffic

This feature of BUSSID is wonderful because traffic is smart enough to deal with road situations easily, quickly and frequently like real traffic.

Unfortunately the traffic aspect is not good in indian bus simulator because vehicles are usually stuck between the road despite having space to overtake.

Road Texture

BUSSID has multiple graphics options when it comes to road surface. They implemented realistic road textures in the game.

Road textures are also very realistic in IBS. They have designed the road in such a way which is near to reality.

Conclusion | BUSSID Vs Indian Bus Simulator

While both Bus Simulator Indonesia (BUSSID) and Indian Bus Simulator (IBS) offer immersive bus driving experiences, if you consider storage is your criteria of decision then Indian Bus Simulator has a competitive advantage over BUSSID because of its great quality of graphics with much lower size.

If you are looking for more detailed graphics and without considering the size of the game then Bus Simulator Indonesia is the best choice between two. Additionally BUSSID is a more established game, than Indian Bus Simulator.

Ultimately, the decision, BUSSID vs Indian Bus Simulator is based on the choice of the gamer whatever he/she wants. graphics, realistic game play, traffic sense, audio, passenger, maps are all points to consider for taking the right decision.

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