Discover the Livery BUSSID Collection and Download 2024

If you are landed on this page you must be in search of livery BUSSID to redesign your bus in different color schemes and look, you can download a few liveries from this page which are selected on demand basis. We are continuously updating this page with new designs.

If you have never applied BUSSID livery before, this page will guide you throughout the process to download and apply the liveries for customization according to your taste.

Liveries in BUSSID come from external resources specially designed for applying them to the buses within the game. These liveries are available from different regions and cultural designs which mimic real world bus companies. You can also call them skins.

Downloading liveries for BUSSID is a simple process, special thanks to the players and creators who regularly share their designs around the globe. Here is the collection of 15 liveries to download.

With the livery successfully applied, you can now enjoy your customized bus in Bus Simulator Indonesia. Whether you prefer a sleek corporate design or a vibrant, eye-catching theme, BUSSID liveries allow you to express your creativity and style within the game.

One of the fun facts about the BUSSID liveries is the sense of belonging and sharing among the players. You can download them from multiple resources on the internet because creators from different countries are playing and creating livery of their regional bus companies.

BUSSID’s liveries are the best way to play when you are playing this game in online mode, if all the players apply their area wise liveries it will create more reality in the game like players of different sports wearing their country jerseys. Here you go driving buses in your style on the roads of Indonesia. Go and get your livery, download, create or edit them.

Yes most of the designers create and upload on Facebook, Pinterest and websites for free to download and use. You can download them and apply on the bus easily and without any cost.

Yes of course you can make your liveries in graphic applications. But if you want to create a livery that will fit accurately on your bus you need to follow some rules on how to create livery for BUSSID.

No it does not affect your gameplay performance because it’s related to visual customization not the programming part or backend of the game. So you can use it without this fear.

As for respecting community norms and values and not using any material which violates copyright laws. You allow yourself to show your creativity and taste in your liveries.

Yes there is no harm in sharing unique designs of liveries with the fellow players, also if you will share your design this creates a sense of sharing creativity.

Usually liveries are designed in square dimensions which are compatible with nearly all the buses in the game but sometimes it happens that designs are not compatible on the tyres of the buses.

Liveris are available in image files format like png and jpg etc so it once you download and apply it on your bus. There is no internet requirement. Its will remains the same even without the internet.

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