If you are tired of searching for Mod and Livery BUSSID files for Bus Simulator Indonesia here is  the solution for you in the APK file, just download and install it, get hundreds of mods and liveries for BUSSID. This Mod BUSSID APK covers various categories of mods such as buses, trucks, cars, pickups and motorcycles and more. This definitely brings new fun in the game.

mod bussid terbaru

Categories of Mod BUSSID TERBARU

  1. Bus Mods: Dozen of buses available in this Mod Terbaru including the famous Jetbus, JB3, MHD etc, Each bus has its own design, seating arrangement and features.
  2. Truck Mods: If you love trucks more than buses, you have Volvo, Hino, Canter and Fuso in this BUSSID Mods application. 
  3. Pickup Mods: This application also covers the pickup line of vehicles. Which include options like adding utility features. It is easier to handle while driving a pickup than a bus or truck.
  4. Car Mods: Data says cars are more famous than any other type of vehicle. So APK is also carrying awesome sedans mods like Lamborghini, Toyota, Honda and SUVs.
  5. Motorcycle Mods: This APK has something for bikes lovers also, you can download bikes mods and liveries also without any hassle.
  6. Unique Mods: collection also has some amazing and unique Mods from hypothetical future vehicles which is a great feature, you may never think about it.

What’s New in This Version

In this latest version of MOD BUSSID TERBARU 2024 (released on Apr 20, 2024), the APK has been optimized for better performance. You can have seamless modeling of the mods due to careful optimization of the application. Now getting a mod for BUSSID is no big deal. APK includes

  • Tampilan Baru (new look)
  • MOD Bussid Latest (terbaru)
  • Livery Bus Ori 
  • Bansuri horns
  • Free Download &  Install
  • Update SDK


MOD BUSSID TERBARU 2024 is a helping application for the Bus Simulator Indonesia game, carrying hundreds of Mods, and it’s a 3rd party application that has no affiliation with official developer (Maleo). The visible feature of this app is, it will help you install your required mods with ease and convenience plus it also has cool horns and map mods, overall its a must try app for BUSSID lovers.

MOD Bus Simulator Indonesia FAQ

Most searched question about Mod Bus Simulator Indonesia are listed below, you can check it and if you have some other question related to this APK, feel free to ask in the comment section.

Why can’t I install MOD Bus Simulator Indonesia?

You may face installation failure because of your low storage or poor network or maybe you have allowed a 3rd party app to install for this purpose you need to check the minimum requirement to check the compatibility. 

if MOD Bus Simulator Indonesia is safe to download?

Most 3rd party apps are not safe to download and install but Mod BUSSID Terbaru is safe to install because it carries the digital signature of the developer.

How to use MOD BUSSID Terbaru?

Unlike other methods of mod installation MOD BUSSID is very easy to install and the rest of the process is taken over by app to place the mods in bus simulator Indonesia directories.

What’s the file size of MOD Bus Simulator Indonesia?

Mod BUS Simulator Indonesia takes only 20MBs of your storage which is an amazing feature of it, it will solve big problems for you.

What language does MOD Bus Simulator Indonesia support?

MOD Bus Simulator Indonesia supports English, Indonesian, Afrikaans, Arabic and more languages. You can check yourself by installing it. if you face some language issue after installation you can consult the article again or ask us.

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