Tourist Bus Simulator – An Ultimate Guide 2024

We have discussed so much about the Bus Simulator Indonesia, let introduce you with another PS-5 game of on bus simulation called Tourist Bus Simulator. The most appealing feature of this game is that you can start your own bus company in the most popular Spanish island of Fuerteventura.

Game DeveloperTML-Studios (German-based)
Game EngineUnreal Engine 4
Previous ReleaseFernbus Simulator
Initial Release Date (PC)6 December 2018
Console Release Date12 May 2022
ConsolesPlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S
Additional Release Date12 May 2023
Additional ConsolesXbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation 5

What is a Tourist Bus Simulator? 

Tourist Bus Simulator is designed to play as you are running a company, it includes managing schedule for routes, hotel shuttles services, vehicle maintenance, employees schedules and last but not the least fleet management. 

If you are an island and beaches lover, this game is for you. You can explore the whole Fuerteventura in the game which includes everything like cities, villages, landscapes, roads and beaches. Game screen scale is 1:5 which makes it more fun to play. 

You can choose between two sizes of the MAN Lion’s Coaches. Tourist Bus Simulator Includes different designs for different tasks.


High-Detail Map of Fuerteventura:

  • Recreated 20 Cities and Beaches: Experience the island’s diverse locations and landscapes. 
  • Many Roads and Points of Interest: Game has many points of interest Including pass roads, serpentines, and three harbors.
  • Hidden Stashes and Unique Places: You will discover many uncommon and interesting spots.

Extensive Vehicle Selection:

  • MAN Lion’s Coach and Lion’s Coach C: Authentic models of bus used on the Canary Islands which makes it more realistic. 
  • Bus Designs Collection: TBS has a big collection of buses according to the nature of the task. 
  • Off-road and Service Vehicles: For making it more near to reality it also includes service vehicles in case of emergency. These vehicles can go off road. 

Customer Services:

  • Scheduled Routes: It includes route schedule options which help to transport passengers across the island on time. 
  • Hotel Shuttles: Game also offers shuttle service for passengers from Airport to hotel and return services.
  • Sightseeing Tours: you can also schedule custom tours in the game for different sightseeing tourist plans. 

Economy System:

  • Fleet Management: you need to focus on these areas like maintenance, refueling, repairs, and service while playing this game.
  • Personnel Management: To make your fleet running, you have to take care of the recruiting drivers, guides, and mechanics on time. 
  • Vehicle Maintenance: There are In-house or external workshops available in the game for repairing your vehicles. 
  • Bus Company Operations: You need to focus on these essential services also like managing spare parts, insurance, WIFI, catering, and more.
  • Employee Support: Help staff find flats, gyms, beaches, and bars around the island for their comfort and duties. 
  • Depot Expansion: you can add more vehicles to your fleet with passage of time.
  • Personal Accommodation: Buying and improving your own apartment or estate is also a very interesting part of the game. 

Interactive Gameplay:

  • Freely Movable Characters: you will see both bus drivers and passengers roaming around. 
  • Bus Wash: There is a bus wash service in the game for keeping  your vehicles clean
  • Unlock Levels: As you progresses in the game by completing orders and gain experience to unlock new levels


If you are a simulation game lover and have PS5 you need to try this game once because it will give massive pleasure by its vibrant graphics and gaming complexities and near to reality experience. Additionally it will give you a chance to experience how to manage a company, deal with employees and oversee day to day tasks with personal growth. 

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