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volvo 9800

On bus drivers and games of BUSSID knows the real importance of Volvo 9800 4×2 Sleeper bus, it’s a great addition for the bus simulator Indonesia which bring level of excitement and fun in the game, This mod introduce most popular bus among bus lovers, the Volvo 9800 having one of the top buses around the world with wonderful design and exceptional performance. If you are looking for this great bus in your game click the button below for download.

How to install Vehicle Mods?

  1. Download the Volvo mod.
  2. Copy the download file with “.bussidmod” extension  and paste to Internal storage  BUSSID  Mods
  3. Now the game and go to the MOD tab. 
  4. From the MOD tab,  you can enable/disable your mods.
  5. Now you can go to the garage tab and select your vehicle.

Introduction to the Volvo 9800 4×2 Mod

Volve is famous and one of the top brands in bus manufacturing, their buses are running all over the world and regarded as best buses in terms of comfort, safety and efficiency, specially Volvo 9800 is most favorite among bus passengers and drivers. This bus is equally famous in the virtual world of simulation games as BUSSID players search for it all from all over the world.

Design and Features

The developers of this mod should be praised for the work they have done, they consider every little detail, from design to performance for building it. And it’s a much appreciated mod by the BUSSID players, because they feel like they are actually behind the wheel of Volvo 9800. 

Developers also put great effort in designing coach interiors, seats look real look alike and comfortable, mod also representing dashboard details like buttons and gauges of Volvo 9800, these details create much realism and fun. You will definitely feel it when you install it.

Performance and Handling

This Mod BUSSID is designed as the real bus is, you will have different power in game while using this mod, this vehicle powered by a heavy engine that delivers top speed and impressive torque. Handling is much better than the original buses of BUSSID, you can feel ease playing by this bus. You will feel a difference in maneuvering and accelerating this bus in the game.  

As you know volve 9800 features like ABS (anti-lock braking system), traction control and safety, all of these features are added in this mod which bring great joy to you. Overall you will feel different and novel when you play with this bus. You will feel more realism in the game which is so satisfying.

Customization Options

On top of all the detailed designing of volvo bus 9800 developers gave a range of customization options, players can choose from different color schemes and liveries to personalize their coach. This mod supports many upgrades and customization of interior and exterior.


It is concluded that the Volvo 9800 Mod for BUSSID is a wonderful addition for the game, offering the player a bundle of customization options and incomparable realistic details about the bus. From the design to performance features they have done a fantastic job. Which makes virtual reality near to reality for bus simulator indonesia enthusiasts. It’s a must try mod for the BUSSID players.

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